sábado, 6 de julio de 2013

Palaver: reconocimiento de voz en Ubuntu

You need to:
0) download the zip from here: https://github.com/JamezQ/Palaver
1) Install dependencies:
sudo apt-get install sox python-argparse libsox-fmt-mp3 mutt wget espeak xvkbd xautomation
2) Then exctract the zip file and then move that dir to the location you want to install. Eg I moved to /opt
sudo mv /home/gaby/Software/Palaver-master /opt/
3) Open a terminal and change to the Palaver's dir:
cd /opt/Palaver-master
4) Run setup and follow the instructions:
sudo ./setup
5) Create the hotkey shortcut. System Settings->Keyboard->Shortcuts->Custom shortcuts-> (+) and complete with something like this:
name: voice
ComNand: /opt/Palaver-master/hotkey
Then click on the new shortcut to choose the keys combination.
6) Press the key combination to listen. Press again to recognize what you said. EG: Open text editor. Press combination. Say "type Hello. I am Gabriela". press combination again.

P/d: I really can't configure for spanish.

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